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Friday, April 15, 2011

ok every body..

today..i ill speak english..yeah..i know what r u say..wat eva u want say..that is ur mouth..i trust,with this step..i will have a great english..even now i have a very very broken english,wait some day..i will speak english without a help from dictionary.u laugh to me?go to hell..i dont care lah.

for ur information,my final exam for this semester are all in that i think i should improve my english for preparing to face my exam..who's born in 1990? plis put up ur hand like me?..hahaha..ok.they are the bad luck for those are born in 1990..why?
why not we use BAHASA IBONDA ha??.. emotional today..very2 emotional after i must read a note in english!
i can read..but understand???yeah..its supposed to be in malay.or have a dwibahasa question.
ok..right now u all thinking what are i thinking.if the question pn we are not understand..4 sure the answer are wrong kan?when the answer wrong..the mark will deduct..when the lect deduct the mark..u have a low mark..its influence ur hpnm!!!! all above are my emotional text from my heart..hope i can learn english education succesfully..if me wrong,plez ask me to do the correction.thanks for reading,viewing,eating,sleeping and running..

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